Reinventing the way audits are conducted

With SCAT DAO we solve audits inherent problem, the conflict of interest that comes from paying for an audit service. As we have seen with Enron, Tyco, and countless others, the possibility always exists for an auditor to commit fraud to keep their client happy.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

With SCAT DAO, the token holders choose the projects they care for and want audited. The audit process is standardized, automated, and performed by the community with all services funded by the DAO’s treasury.

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Proud Winners of Cardano’s Project Catalyst Fund 5

We are beyond grateful for everyone who voted for us to receive funding through Project Catalyst. This project is meant to serve the Cardano community and we appreciate your faith in us and our vision.

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A World Decentralized

People are starting to realize the importance of decentralization. We are decentralizing the way we loan money, exchange assets, and consume media. So why would we want our audits that keep the community safe to be centralized as well?

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