Eric Helms

Eric is a Certified Public Accountant who has spent the last 10 years working in Corporate Audit from both the public and private side. He is passionate about blockchain and its ability to make society and business fairer and more transparent for everyone. He is currently a Community Advisor for Project Catalyst and is proud to be a member of the Cardano ecosystem.

Jed (Bronson) Horning
Head of Marketing

Jed is a certified Enterprise Architect with 15 years of experience as an Interface Engineer and serves as a member of the Industry Advisory Board at Kutztown University, representing healthcare.  He looks to serve the Cardano Community by helping people understand how to do their own research and raising awareness of project risk types.  Jed’s passion for the Cardano Community’s safety is his motivating drive to help put the power in the hands of the community to protect itself through Smart Contract Audit Token.

Juan C. Rey
Plutus Developer / Researcher

Juan is a Plutus Pioneer Programmer from the first cohort. He has been in the Cardano ecosystem for many years, where he has developed his skills as a software developer and analyst. He has a degree in Computer Systems Development and a law degree. His inspiration is the thoughts of Nick Szabo. He combines his love for decentralized systems with his passion for contracts. He currently spends his time researching formal contract verification in the cardano ecosystem.

Oliver Ross
Content Creation

In his 9-5 life, Oliver is the head of ICT product management in a Managed Services Provider (MSP). He has a background of working with multinational enterprises finding solutions for their IT needs. In his free time, he has been an active investor in traditional Stocks & ETFs for decades. He brings his professional knowledge of IT and his personal knowledge of investing to investigate and communicate key concepts around blockchain technology. Encompassing the economics, technology, and key use cases.

Jimmy Huang
Head of Community

Jimmy is a Certified Public Accountant who has 10+ years of experience in corporate finance and accounting, 3 of which were spent auditing public and private companies. He also built and operated a small business for the past 8 years. He is looking to leverage his experiences to help build a strong and effective DAO for the Smart Contract Audit Token project.

Smart Contract Development

We are proud to be partnered with ADAO to develop our smart contracts that will be used to govern our DAO and manage our treasury. ADAO is a “service DAO” dedicated to providing public goods that would be useful for all stakeholders of the Cardano network who are interested in using decentralized toolsets. They are serving the Cardano community in the following ways: 1. Education: Share knowledge about what DAOs are and how to use them effectively. 2. Tooling: Develop tools for decentralized coordination and DAO governance on the blockchan. 3. Support: Offer technical, organizational, and financial support in designing and developing DAOs

Adam (LiuKrang)
Community Moderator

Adam teaches an alternative graduation classroom in central Illinois with thirteen years of secondary school teaching experience. His background includes engineering (University of Illinois, 2003) and mathematics (Illinois State University, 2008) undergraduate programs, and he holds both a masters and specialist degree in Educational Leadership (2014, 2017) from Western Illinois University.

Community Moderator

dubble-u43 is a passionate Cardano community member who is active is several projects and is particularly talented with on-chain analysis