Eric Helms

Eric is a Certified Public Accountant who has spent the last 10 years working in Corporate Audit from both the public and private side. He is passionate about blockchain and its ability to make society and business fairer and more transparent for everyone. He is currently a Community Advisor for Project Catalyst and is proud to be a member of the Cardano ecosystem.

Jed (Bronson) Horning
Head of Marketing

Jed is a certified Enterprise Architect with 15 years of experience as an Interface Engineer and serves as a member of the Industry Advisory Board at Kutztown University, representing healthcare.  He looks to serve the Cardano Community by helping people understand how to do their own research and raising awareness of project risk types.  Jed’s passion for the Cardano Community’s safety is his motivating drive to help put the power in the hands of the community to protect itself through Smart Contract Audit Token.

Jimmy Huang
Head of Community

Jimmy is a Certified Public Accountant who has 10+ years of experience in corporate finance and accounting, 3 of which were spent auditing public and private companies. He also built and operated a small business for the past 8 years. He is looking to leverage his experiences to help build a strong and effective DAO for the Smart Contract Audit Token project.

Core Team

Shelby works for a power grid protection company as a maintenance technician working on everything from electrical or mechanical problems to maintaining a water treatment system. He found his way into crypto in 2021 knowing nothing about it and not knowing anyone in it. He was surprised about all the uplifting communities and openness from others to help him learn and grow. His main focus now is to help new members to the community avoid scams and have the same great experience in the ecosystem he has.

Adam (LiuKrang)
Community Moderator

Adam teaches an alternative graduation classroom in central Illinois with thirteen years of secondary school teaching experience. His background includes engineering (University of Illinois, 2003) and mathematics (Illinois State University, 2008) undergraduate programs, and he holds both a masters and specialist degree in Educational Leadership (2014, 2017) from Western Illinois University.

Community Moderator

dubble-u43 is a passionate Cardano community member who is active is several projects and is particularly talented with on-chain analysis